Gambling addiction is not just about bringing in financial problem. It is more than that as gamblers release stress during the whole process. It can easily become an obsession that will take you too far too soon. In this jdl club thai article, we will be discussing some gambling addiction facts you probably did not know.

A billion dollar industry

Gambling in America alone is a $40 billion industry. Las Vegas alone can bring in close to $10 billion a year from people gambling at the casinos and also people placing bets.

Billion dollar

The main problem of gamblers

Gambling is not an issue as the means to gamble can be easily attainable. But the main problem is that gamblers seem to loose their control of on the sight of the สล็อต ฟรี เครดิต ไม่ ต้อง ฝาก เงิน gamble. Gambling in general is not a problem as far more people gamble on occasion and not due to compulsive behaviour.

Easy access

According to an estimate upto 80% of the American Youth has been involved in some type of gambling at certain points in their life. Gambling is not that difficult to access as there are many other ways of gambling which people find non toxic.

Addictive Gamblers and mental health disorders

There are many studies conducted which concluded the fact that pathological gamblers have had to deal with many types of mental health disorders or substance disorder.

Gambling Addiction

Studies on substance abuse

According to a study upto 75% gamblers had to deal with alcohol disorder, 38% had to deal with drug abuse and upto 60% of them had to deal with nicotine dependence.

Mental health disorders in gamblers

According to a report it is said that up to 50% of pathological gamblers have experienced some kind of mood disorder, upto 41% of these gamblers have had experienced anxiety disorder and around 60% have experienced a personality disorder.

Men are more likely to fall into the trap than women

According to an estimate men have fallen victims to gambling addiction than women. This fact does not mean that women are safe from the issue. It just means that the number of compulsive gamblers are men are higher than the number of women compulsive gambler.


People have gambling problem

According to an estimate upto three to four percent of American people have gambling problem. That means that up to six to eight million of people suffer from gambling problem.

Gamblers are very smart people

Being a compulsive gambler does not mean that  these people are weak. Many people who are gamblers now are very successful. Gamblers do not only work with numbers but also have to strong and learn skills ever time to keep up with their game.

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